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Deck Ovens

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Deck ovens offer many advantages over traditional ovens. One chief advantage is their ability to retain heat, and distribute heat evenly through the entire product area. Consistent heat retention and distribution throughout the baking process is the key to a superior end product. We offer several types of deck ovens to meet all kinds of baking and bakery production needs.



Deck Ovens To Meet Your Needs

Our Artisan Deck Ovens are available in either gas or electric models, and offer automatic steam.

Our Modular Electric Deck Ovens are custom-built to your specifications. You may choose from 1 to 4 decks, with up to 6 pan capacity.

Our Volta Combination Rack and Deck Oven system combines the ease of a rack oven’s load/unload process, with the traditional baking quality of a deck oven. This all-in-one system is suited for any type of bakery product.