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Volta Combination Rack/Deck Ovens

Volta Combination Rack/Deck Oven



Our Volta Combination Rack/Deck Oven combines the speed of a rack oven’s loading and unloading with the traditional baking quality of a deck oven.
This is an excellent solution for any type of bakery product. The"Effort-free" door opening/closing system allows a single person to load or unload 8 decks in less than one minute!

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  • DIRECT baking on the sole (multiple loading/unloading system combined with 8 setters) or INDIRECT baking on trays
  • 8 baking decks
  • Front and baking chamber made of stainless steel
  • EXCELLENT steam generation
  • Horizontal rack insertion without ramps
  • Easy access from the front for all maintenance operations
  • Rack’s castors do not enter the baking chamber, for improved hygiene and castor life
  • Patented high thermal efficiency soleplates
  • Burner support with anti-explosion system
  • Front and baking chamber made of stainless steel
  • Digital control panel